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AK Suganya Dinesh

A suave, ambivert soul, Coffee Addict, mother of a child, an Engineering graduate & a passionate writer. A human who never want to give up on her goals and desires, No matter what!
A soul which won't accept compromises towards her passion instead hope and try for the best.

The Victim!

Author : Preethika Balasubramani The summer was more hot as it was in the process of making people tired. The people were moving like a turtle along the big giant road. Everyone who was living here are victims for a reason. Some are victims of love, some are […]

Will Do it On June 6…

It was June 4, 2017… That was a dark evening somewhat brightened with street lights and shops which were opened in that narrow street! Catherine came from a party where she went in the morning. The whole day, she enjoyed a lot there. The party is to celebrate […]

The Cold Coffee!

Author : Preethika Balasubramani “Jannet come out…. What are you doing right there?” the voice shook her wavering mind about her life time ambition of becoming social worker.And brought her to real world… “I’ll be right there, mom!” she replied in her usual accent and  opened the door. […]

The Love Of Life

 Author : Preethika Balasubramani It was almost midnight twelve Jenny was still awoke in her room all alone. Her home was fairly a single room. She was thinking of her abroad higher education…. suddenly faded and then of her love which was already half gone (a twelve year […]

A Dark Day!

Author : Suganya Kannan “Caitlin! Where are you? Come and pack your luggage!”, (Caitlin’s mom is shouting). It was the first week of drizzling rainy season. The grasses were filled with rain droplets, the rabbits started to build their burrows to dwell and the birds started to move […]